Metruis on Nov. 20, 2008

I think the page says everything. For further reference, a link to the original comic: Between Places is here. It has a decent sized archive, however, out of what is currently posted and labled as such, chapter twoand chapter three will only be edited if narration and dialogue for consistancy is required, and perhaps minor art changes. Of course, some reordering will be done. An explanation of the reordering Between Places will face will eventually be posted. It is what is currently labled as chapter one that will be hit hard by editing, and therefore what you should read if you're interested in being involved with this critique project, though I will make an effort to link to pages being referenced and display the art and dialogue over here as well.

Keep in mind there is a reason I'm presenting chapter one for editing in such a way–it's because it's BAD and I want imput.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy following this comic project!

Welcome to Between Places WIP, or–how not to do a fantasy comic, and how to try to fix it after you've made a whole lot of mistakes, somehow have people reading it and a crappy beginning that even your mother doesn't like though it probably doesn't help that mom reads fantasy and knows what sucks too.