Introduction2: The First Page

Metruis on Nov. 20, 2008

Well, it's all there on the page. =P I would like to know WHAT YOU FEEL makes a good beginning. I will be presenting the work in progress prologue script for critique after the introduction to what I feel I ought to cover about my opinion on this stuff is. I figure if I'm going to go and ask for people to critique my art to make it better, I may as well try make it not only helpful for me, but helpful for readers who might like an idea of what people want to see done.

Would you read on from my first page? In either form? What if it's the beginning of a later chapter, as my redux is threatening to imply?

And, finally–what is your opinion on narrators telling the story? My current script WIP is currently written from the perspective of a character who does not influence the story very strongly. A minor character, I guess. Do you like narrators? Do you hate them? What do you think about multiple narrators? Should narrative boxes only be character thoughts or is it acceptable to ‘tell’ a story in a story form, using the boxes to tell the story, with the panels to illustrate what's happening? That's what I'm currently aiming towards for a script, and I'd like to know what your thoughts on it are. Once I get a finalized script down for the prologue, I can start doing work in progress pencils, you see.

Thanks for reading this!