Xade on Feb. 26, 2009

Name: Adele Michaels
Character: Author/Artist
Status: Divorced
Age: 30s
Family: Mom and Stepdad
Location: Ohio
Song that best describes: “If you're going through hell”
by Rodney Adkins

Born in the late 1970s she had a troublesome childhood. Forced to deal with a mentally challenged and abusive father she grew into rather shy teenager. At the age of 14 she moved to Florida with her mom. Her father left a lasting mark on her, however, stunting her mental growth and it wasn't until she was 17 before she started to come out of her shell. After a rowdy year she was heading down the road to hell, stealing and lying to try and flee her past until an encounter with a school bully stripped her of her memories.

Rebuilding her life upon the ashes of a forgotten past, Adele put her best foot forward and continued down the road of life. She thought she found love in her dark and handsome ex husband but after 9 days of marriage he broke her heart and her “give a dang” by jumping into a 12 year old's bed. In order to escape from him, she fled to North Carolina with a friend, wasted 6 years and returned to Ohio where she has stayed ever since.

Still rather timid and socially awkward, she tries to avoid conflict for fear of her deadly temper, the only sign remaining of her tragic childhood. Feeling that biological clock ticking, she wonders if she will ever become a mother and fears that her long dead father has ruined any chances of her being a Mom.

She loves to drink coffee, so check out her drunk duck profile