Bloodlust page 17

Genejoke on April 26, 2018

Very predictable I know, but sometimes things are.

The hardest part for me writing this comic is knowing how guide the reader through the mystery aspect. Most of my comics have been very straight forward, or short, and I haven't had to worry too much about red herrings or foreshadowing that much. Working out what to show or tell has been tough as I don't want to lead people by the nose or for things to be too obvious.

As I'm sure has been mentioned previously the story has been in my head since the mid 90s, hence the setting, and as much as it has developed over the years certain key aspects have remained in place. My starting point was Se7en and the slew of serial killer movies that followed it. Prior to seeing Se7en I had never had any real interest in the genre as my taste in horror and all things ghastly was far more supernatural. I think I was inspired to make a more Supernatural version of Se7en, well that and the concept of trying to imagine what kind of a person would do that kind of thing. The psychology of it fascinated me, most things I had seen and read prior to that just blandly labelled the killers as mad men or psychos or maybe didn't bother. The kinds of things I had been into prior to that skipped that by having supernatural and/or just plain cheesy scenery chewing stuff. Another formative aspect was not wanting to do it as a typical detective story with a cop or a reporter, as a result I wrote it as if it was me investigating it and how that might affect me. I don't know how well this will work as a whole but I guess my aim is to make a character driven, serial killer/murder mystery and psychological thriller.