sadTakara on Sept. 25, 2009

Oh my god, an update!
Oh my god, nipples!

I'm so happy to finally update x__x It was making me sad that I haven't been. Haven't even had time to draw! And I couldn't even update Hush Me today.. I'll try to get that done though. Making comics makes me happy, so I'm not gonna abandon two stories that I'm into.

Just know that I might not be able to keep them up as frequent x__x

I'm sorry.. You guys are truly loyal if you still stick around (especially after Friction, oh boy.) and I'm really grateful for it.

Speaking of Friction, I was thinking of maybe writing the whole thing over, drawing it over and posting it up. So far I'm only thinking. (especially since I never wrote the ideas for it down.. so I have no clue what I wanted to do with it!) But I'm just throwing the idea out there, to let you guys know. Friction was based on my first relationship with a girl after all. Blue's about my second, and Hush Me isn't about me at all.

Agh, I'm rambling! I hope you enjoy. This page brings back so many memories for me.. And I'm glad that these pages have for some of you. I like it when I can connect with people, and strike up an emotion in them.

I hope everyone is well, enjoy :3