A Sticky Situation

MetalLuigi on July 14, 2010

I promise, this is the last time something horrible will happen to the frog.

Comment responses:

crazyduck: Glad you liked it, thanks for reading :)

RedCast15: Yeah, this frog way too forgiving. If I were him I'd probably be one hundred times more angry.

Nerd Fury: Thanks for pointing that out, I finally got it fixed yesterday.

machinehead: Yup, the claw on the end of it makes it perfect for grabbing chips and fries, and since it's alien technology it's probably strong enough to lift an elephant. This frog will never go hungry again!

Fitz: I'm glad you enjoyed it! My other comic hasn't quite gotten off the ground yet, but I'm looking forward to continuing it soon.

To all: Thanks for reading and commenting!