Abt_Nihil on Nov. 28, 2007

Usually I don't like to post fillers, but the next page is still some time away… so meanwhile please enjoy this piece I did for a recent autumn-themed contest at deviantArt.

Her costume's still a bit in flux… but I like how it turned out here. I think I'm getting a hang of the character, I didn't need any reference for this pic… when I first designed her I needed to look at a whole lot of sexy ref. Which was a real pain, I can tell ya ^^


Midge: Thanks. I opted for no background here since I thought I'd probably take away attention from her and the leaves. But I've been thinking about that myself… have you thought of any specific color? I think the white kind of “mutes” the pic, like snow…

cs3ink: Thanks!

ironhand: Thanks a lot, and I DID NOT pay her to get that tattoo made :D

Nepath: I know what you mean, that's why I'm hesitant to post fillers. Hope to get the next page done soon… Usually I don't use any reference at all, but lately I've been planning more than I used to, doing more sketches in advance. However, for Bombshell I wanted to take my pseudo-realistic superhero art to a new level, so I brainstormed a bit what real persons I wanted her to look like… then I sketched her referencing photos of these. So the first few drawings of her were all done using photo reference.
…Who I referenced? Well…

Fitz: Carrying over from Nepath's comment, maybe I should have referenced Susan…? I guess I could do these pages faster if someone posed for me :D I thought no one would notice the watermark, so I put it somewhere no one decent would look. Ahem.

DAJB: lol – I'd rather not talk about that. :D

Midge: Thanks for the suggestion, my thoughts were going in the same direction, I just feared the BG may then blend into her skin color. That's the main reason I left it white in the end. And of course I got a brand with my name on it… whether she's kinky enough to get herself branded, that's up to your imagination :-D

phantasim fan: Just doing my job :D

MonkeyMafia: Thanks a lot! I'm not supposed to say it, but… I used finger-paint on her breast.

SympleSymon: She appreciates your vote!