Bombshell sketch by Nepath

Abt_Nihil on Dec. 23, 2007

Nepath was kind enough to send me this sketch of Bombshell to shorten the time between updates! Not only is he a brilliant writer/artist (which I'm sure you're already aware of), he's also the reason I started uploading comics on drunkduck (I followed him here…).

Everyone make sure to check out Nepath's comics Energize, Fearless and Heroes Unite! Incidentally, you can get your Bombshell fix on Heroes Unite too… Page 15 is drawn by Yours Truly and features Bombshell's first appearance in costume… and it's up since last week.

And Merry Christmas everyone!


On behalf of Nepath: Thanks for the ratings! Actually Nepath will get to draw Bombshell on the final Heroes Unite page, which should be up soon (after my run will be completed).

SympleSymon: Thanks a lot for the comments and ratings, much appreciated!

leatherwoman: Thanks! I'm dying to post some more pages actually… I'll try getting a new one done after my HU run is finished.

sasjhwa: Thank you. Bombshell will update this week, I promise!