Issue 3 Pg. 08

Abt_Nihil on April 9, 2012

Everybody knows giant robots are supposed to be engaged in a fist fight, duh!

Sorry this page took so long! (I'm not gonna bore you with lame excuses.) I was so happy to see Bombshell was featured on the day I uploaded the previous page, and I'd like to thank you all for the kind words, and of course skoolmunkee for picking this comic for a feature. I'd really have loved to upload another page right away, alas…

Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting, and please click on the button below and vote to see a gorgeous new Bombshell pin-up!

Also: Just like Heroes Alliance, Bombshell has a facebook page now, where you can keep informed about updates, pin-ups, print releases and the like.

Also also: I made a new Bombshell pin-up for HA Monthly Mayhem. Please check it out!