053 - Walking down the street, minding my own business, when...

BraveNewWorld on June 6, 2013

So, some good news and bad news - bad news is that we are back to black and white (with a splash of colour) for the foreseeable future. Good news is we are also back to 2 updates a week to make up for the B&W. (MON & FRI)

Reason behind the change is simple - since Brave New World has been accepted to Comixology, I have to give something extra to the peeps willing to part with their 99c for the comics. At first I thought I would put the webcomic on hiatus and then make the ‘on sale’ version come out quicker - IE> before the webcomic. But in the end, I like drawing and interacting with readers too much - so, this was the next best thing.

So, colour for sale for 99c on Comixology - Black and White twice a week for free on here. Leave a comment if you want to make your voice heard because you hate, love or understand the move.

Thanks for reading! :)