Village 7

Tantz Aerine on March 18, 2013

AND WE ARE BACK!  Thanks everyone for your well wishes and your thoughts and support, emotional or through actions, it means more to me than I can possibly say. I have power back in my house despite still being disconnected from the ONLY power company operating in Greece and which has currently been turned into the tax collector extraordinaire of a vastly anti-constitutional and illegal government over here. Deidre has been with me from day one of this whole debacle and I appreciate her efforts on all fronts immensely. So here we are!! 
PAGE 50! WE ARE FINALLY HERE! And to celebrate page 50 will will have for you a very special extra piece of art very soon, which means a lot to us both :) Stay tuned for it! 
In the meantime, enjoy Ludger unleashing his bruiser to do his dirty work for him. ;)