Sef on July 20, 2014

So, this might be a “separate the men from the boys” page. It's a pretty good summary of everything that is the comic is attempting to be: excessive violence, stupid humor, dick jokes.

Some context might be helpful, here.

The inspiration for BREACH AND CLEAR casts a wide net: Saturday morning cartoons from my childhood, 16-bit era videogames, the rampant excess of the early 90's comics boom all play a part in the genetic identity of the comic. 

However, if there is one influence that stands above all else, it is the renaissance of adult-focused cartoons that occurred in the late 80's/early 90's. I'm talking about shows like Liquid Television, Cartoon Sushi, The Maxx, and Aeon Flux. Of badly dubbed anime tapes rented from Blockbuster video, adorned with ADULTS ONLY labels. Baoh The Visitor, Ninja Scroll, Demon City Shinjuku. I'm talking about a time when cartoons felt DANGEROUS. 

BREACH AND CLEAR is my attempt to harken back to those things; of staying up late to catch an episode of The Specialist, or attempting to convince your mom that the “adults only” sticker that was stuck to the cover of Bubblegum Police (the same sticker Blockbuster put on their softcore porn titles, mind you) was just a misunderstanding. 

To that end, it speaks the language: excessive violence, nudity, immature levels of cursing. But it's also a self-aware title that doesn't take itself seriously. The violence is meant to be fun and playful; over-the-top to the point of absurdity. And it is that - the humor - which really stands as what I want the heart of this comic to be.  And it is a good heart, I assure you. You might need to wipe some viscera away to see it, but it's there.

I hope you guys are enjoying reading this as much as I am enjoying producing it. Stick around. Things are just starting to get turnt up.

TL;DR: come for the violence, stay for the dick jokes

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