Revamp teaser :D

bruisedoranges on Aug. 11, 2008

Hi guys, long time no see! ♥

It's been pretty busy for me lately but I decided to swing by here and show some signs of life. I went back and re-read comments on some of the older pages, and I really cannot say enough how much I love and miss this place and everybody here, it makes me feel really appreciated and warm and fuzzy (shoutout to Antcomics/Hankinstein who is totally rad, btw ♥ ). I'm really sorry for not being on the ball lately! ;A;/

I'm sharing a teaser of the revamps – they're about halfway done, and I'm going to try and get a page done every week barring life, et cetera… and as proof that I didn't just say “brb hiatus” and run off, never updating again because that seems to be a sadly common thing among webcomics. XD; I've put too much time and thought developing this story and these characters to leave them on the curb like that! This is going to be the splash page of the chapter. When all the new pages are done I will post a notice and upload them as soon as the 8th page is completed. :D

I no longer have a set deadline for the revamps being done, I'm just going to go at my own pace so I won't set myself or my readers for disappointment. It makes me feel bad and I fall into a depressive rut because I don't make the deadline, so this is the mental equivalent of taking a two ton weight off my chest and being able to work more consistently. XD; Until then I will still try to regularly check in and say hi, and catch up. :)

Things have been busy for me, between being sick, turning 21 two weeks ago, and trying to find a job. I have hopes that the latter will be resolved soon, and hopefully being a stuffy, sneezy ball of snot won't gum up the interview I have tomorrow. :c