CAG DOG - #1

ComicArtGuild on June 29, 2007

Welcome to CAG DOG CENTRAL! Stay tuned and follow the misadventures of CAG DOG, a comedy about a canine who wants to be a super hero but will on occasion trip on his own leash in the process.

In this first episode CAG DOG is preparing to fight crime but has seemed to loose his “Bone chucks of justice”. He gets side tracked into a game of fetch. He is out to prove that even though he is a dog he can still catch the bad guys.

CAG DOG is currently looking for a regular staff writer. The team is made up of the artistic talents of CAG member ZMAN and CAG co-founder Keith Murphey who does the finishes.

Hopefully we will introduce new creators and new characters into the fold for future episodes of the one and only CAG DOG.

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