derp derp

JoeL_CQB on Feb. 22, 2010

So I haven't been able to update at all this year mostly because of mass school work. And slight de-motivation during the beginning of the school year since I wasn't able to get into the classes that I need to take to graduate.

I've been meaning to put up a “heads up” but haven't gotten the time until now. Anyways, I've decided to go back and redo the first three chapters. I didn't really like pacing and flow. (Mainly the first two.)

And I didn't really write out chapter 4, so that's getting scrapped. It's like “Petey's Song” in Mr. Fantastic Fox.
“Petey! What are you singing?!”
“I'm making it up as I go…”
“Petey, that's bad song writing. Petey, you're a bad song writer.”
Looking back at it, I have a hard time following what is going out.

I'll start updating after I have the first chapter done. The good news is that I got into senior studio for next quarter, which basically means I do what I want, which translates more time into this. So I'm basically getting class credit for doing this. I tried to do it for this current quarter but I didn't have the luck of finding a faculty member to sponsor me.

Another reason for going back and redoing the first three chapters is that I started to redesign things. Mostly the elves and the tech. I started with the helmets, because I realized how cumbersome they originally were when trying to aim down the sights. And then I did the same with the uniforms, vests, and armors, to make them more plausible. The heavy armor is basically plates (steel or ceramic I guess) on top of a OTV vest attached via MOLLE, which will become a base for other armor designs like the Emperor's.

Also in the picture above are some character redesigns.

Anyways, I already have about 5 pages done, and hopefully I get them done soon. I'll also be deleting the current pages here, and uploading them on a “different” comic.