The Dorm Suite

Aaronthewolf on April 30, 2011

Cameron sees his dorm for the first time. Living away from home is always an interesting experience, from what I've seen and heard it isn't always a pretty scene. Especially when you mistakenly have high expectations for your living quarters, only to have them quickly deflated by reality.

My Good friend Anthony is helping me co-write this, taking from his college experiences as well as my own. I personally was not really a dormer per-say, but I've seen enough of them and from what he's told me they can be pretty heinous, especially if you have high expectations. Anywho, by this point your most likely wondering why these strips are not in color…well…it's complicated to explain, but it will be rectified eventually. At the time it was a bit easier to do the strip gray scale…but…it's become arbitrary. I'll have to go back and update these at some other point. Also, I know I did two strips this week. I'll be doing this every Tuesday until I catch up with my deviant art posts. Then it will return to one strip a week Tuesdays barring certain problems and the like…