Aaronthewolf on May 4, 2011

So here comes roommate #2, Mako.

Mako Nonikado: Ethnicity: Japanese Animation. Mako hails from the far east, the land of school girls, giant robots, and fighting cute animals. He comes from a background of serious studious individuals, and he descends from a more subdued styled bloodline. He studies hard, gets impeccable grades, and is not a party guy. He also seems to be hiding something about his past.

As I wrote when this was originally posted on my other site, Anime, I guess more so in Manga will often lose the background in various panels. Sometimes its just blank…I guess to save time…but other times it is a strange graphical splash which ties into the characters emotion. Being that Mako is non-native, this little emotion splash is a bit more noticable by characters like Cameron…

Sorry about not posting on Tuesday, I work from 3 to 11, and didn't have time to post because errands had to be run.