Sake Sake Now!

Aaronthewolf on Nov. 11, 2012

The party continues and Cameron has a word with Max to check out how Mako's doing. Turns out Mako's doing good. Really, really good.
I've got some jobs coming up that will be stealing my focus abit, aside from thanksgiving break thats coming up. The party arc is pretty much wrapped up, but I have one more post party comic to post before I take a little break. Plus I got an animation to finish up…so there's that.
I'm toying a bit with Mako's background, the comic above should make it clear exactly what's affecting Mako, and at some point down the line I expect to explore this “reaction” and how it retains to his biology. I wanted to have more characters in visible costume in the background of the panes, but time, the jobs, and the amount of text kind of put the ki-bosh on that. Also given more time I probably would have explored holiday specific toons, whose roles are obviously limited, but I'll probably go into that in the future as well. You can sort of see one or two in the 3rd panel. Maybe I'll post some production sketches on the facebook.
Anyway…I'm logging off. See you next friday.