Aaronthewolf on Nov. 21, 2012

Happy New Year! Woo time to get back to working on this stuff from my long vacation. But I'm not quite back in gear yet so have some concept stage art, Check out Max's mostly finished designs and some other random sketches of mako and cameron. I knew right off the bat the Max had to be a cartoonish cat type….and I already had a picture of what I wanted him to look like in my head for the most part. He was by and large the easiest character in the design stage, Cameron being surprisingly the hardest. Max's personality was also pretty much decided from the get-go, he was a tom cat with a heart of gold. His city wasn't pinned down until shortly before the first strip, but I knew he had to be from a city atmosphere. Jersey eventually became the final choice for Max because it just felt right, it felt like a place to be boasted about although for no real reason. The only other area i could think of like that was Long Island, but I hate long island too much to even use it. (It's where I live) lol. 
Since the comic's creation Max's family has probably got the most fleshing out,as some of you astute readers know he's got a sister who will make an appearence later, and his mom and dad who will be discussed later. As you can probably guess Max's hardness is all bluster and big talk because he's not really anything like that, but again these things will become more evident as the comic goes on. 
You may also notice some Cameron text up there. Originally I was going to have Cameron essentially be the only one to do journal updates and stuff rather than have all three character have forums to express themselves. But as the concept rolled around more I wanted to make all 3 characters share the spotlight equally. They are all essentially the stars not just Cameron. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tidbit, new comic next week. Seeya.