What Cannot Be Unseen

Aaronthewolf on Jan. 25, 2013

Corrine flags down Cameron in order to talk things out about what happened on the night of the Samhain's Wain shindig. Will they reconcile? Will they date again? Find out…right now by reading the strip. Unless you read it before these things, in which case all your questions have been answered.
The CameronxCorrine or Camorrine relationship arc is. closed…for now. I can't really disclose why I chose to move the relationship the way I did, let's just say i have long term plans. But I will tell that I spent a lot of time thinking about exactly wether or not I was going to essentially close the relationship option for the two. Pretty much down to the wire of the Samhain morning comic. I mean in the long run I had planned to terminate that option down the line (sorry to spoil), it just came down too how soon, and the morning after comic wrote itself. Ultimately the joke won out, as it often is with me. But there's always fanfiction eh? Not that this comic is at the level where I'm seeing fan art and fanfiction…just in the future the theorized fans could write their own little parallel universe Cartoon U where Camorrine works out.
It's close to 8 AM right now, and I've been finishing this up since 10 last night. I couldn't sleep but now I am exhausted hence the early post. It bled into my work a bit and there are one or two frames I feel like could have been better.But i'll just make up for it with the next one, which is incidently not next week but after that. I'm taking off to work on some other stuff and pick up a few freelance jobs.