The Light At The End

Aaronthewolf on Feb. 21, 2013

Prof. Duck decides to demonstrate one of his favorite gags to his class, but Max doesn't quite grasp it. 
So where have I been, well it's a complicated mess of garbage. Life stuff, work stuff, medical stuff. But blah, bleh, bloh, you don't want to hear this crap you just want episodes. So here's my newest one. I'm working on an animation as well, which is CU related that I will begin working on which may interrupt the normal flow. But I also desperately want to bring this arc to completion before the animation and finally move into the christmas type Holidays, aka the end of the semester half. So I'm going to keep working but I can't promise consistant posts on fridays, but as soon as I can get them out I will post. Forgive me, I've been a baaaad comic artist. Now if you'll excuse me I feel pretty crummy, so I'm going to rest again. See you next time.