After School Program

Aaronthewolf on Feb. 21, 2013

After class, max and Prof. Duck have a heart to heart about the nature of friendship.
This actually took a while, another down to the wire strip. Mostly due to backdrop work. I had to remake the older one simpy because i could do it better now., on top of differing angle frames. also this comic is a little more emotion heavy here, because it has to be. When i set out to make this comic I wanted to make something funny and different, but i also wanted characters with depth to them, characters that you feel for and connect with, as well as laugh with. We've only somewhat scratched the surface with the main characters, and as the strips go on you'll learn more about thier personal histories, motivations, and what made them what the are. But even the secondary characters have thier histories which i intended to touch on as well. In this strip we see the first glimpse of one of the Professors humanity…erm…(Toonimity?) I gotta work on that. As well as intrigue as to the Professor's past.We may not get another taste of that for a while, As the main 3 characters are the focus, but it helps make the world feel more alive…at least to me I guess…and i think it's important.
Also we get a little bit of a reveal of how the tunnel trick worked in this, with the under desk projector in the first panel. A great magician never reveal his secrets, but since this whole comic is about the world of cartoons when it's not on a show, the wires and strings, and foam props are exposed and for open view. After all, nobody's watching right?
Anyway, i gotta go…enjoy the new strip. See you next time.