Making Up Is Hard To Do.

Aaronthewolf on Feb. 21, 2013

Max and Cameron have a heart to heart in the schools library.
Originally this episode was to be set in the dorm, but the next comic would make less sense if that were the case. Why, well you'll just have to wait 2 weeks because I'm taking some time off to learn SAi and recover from a medical procedure. Also hey! First appearence of the library! Which I've been wanting to introduce for a while. Also the return of Max's puffy coat from his first appearence in the comic.
This is sort of based off a…not a true story. But location wise a true experience. At my own College dependant on the day, when I was feeling glum, a little under the weather, didn't want to deal with “aquaintences”, or just needed a little bit of rest I would go to the on campas library. It was such a pleasant contrast from the hustle and bustle of the cafeteria. It was a good place if you needed to hear yourself think, and I'll dmit I don't think I ever actually spent any time in there reading. Hence I kinda brought that here, with Camerons character, drained from his lecture and thinking about the Max situation resting in the library. In the future I intend to use the library as sort of a second home for some characters.
Anyway, I'm feeling really lousy. I'm going to take more time to recover….see you two weeks from now.