INTERLUDE: Max's Car Concepts

Aaronthewolf on Feb. 21, 2013

Don't worry, don't worry, the new episode is coming. I just got a bit more work to do and some stuff came up earlier thiw week. But in-between that and the previous strip I wanted to share the concept sketches of Max's car.
Now one thing I mentioned last time was that I had a mostly formed picture in my head about how Max's car should look. So that being said, I didn't do 80,000 thousands different ititerations before picking one. That's not how I work. I go through much of the thumbnail sketch phase in my own head. But I still have a thumbnail dirty sketch of a car I used conceptually from an old B&W Disney cartoon, as you can see at the top.
It was very hard to find anything related to old crtoon cars that didn't come up as “Disney's Cars”, which is not what I was looking for at all, thanks to the domination of trademark there.  So most of the ideas when formulating this design had to come from foggy childhood memories. It was only in hindsight that i remembered there was an old style cartoony car in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” that I could have also went to for design element ideas, but I just hadn't thought of it at the time.
I also used some real world classic car elements as a reference for the car, in this instance it was the “Ford H-Boy”. It just had a look that screamed a Max-esque hotrod. All of those went into the brain blender with some original seasonings and poof, the 3936 “Huron Barnabus Red Streak” was born, and subseqeuntly aged and battered at the hands of time and Max's stellar driving ability. I'm not sure if this kind of stuff is interesting to anyone but myself, I allways love it when other artists post bits about how they come up with an idea/work, but i thought I'd share. New comic soon.