Turtle Brothers Pizza

Aaronthewolf on May 11, 2013

And we end the arc on a one panel shot of the guys having a great time at the pizza joint. Mako seems to have been goaded into doing his Max impression, putting Cameron into near hysterics. Max is taking it in stride though, and even offering pointers as to how to do it better. As for what exactly is being said, well that's up to your imagination.
So what's next on task? Well I'm going to be working on another CU animation. I don't want to give a time table just yet, because I don't want to dissapoint if fail to meet it…but I'll get cracking on it soon. Untill then you can check out the facebook page to see exactly where I am, and I'll also be doing some more pure art posts on occaision. It all really depends on flexibility and health.
Also for those of you curious about what pizza that is, it's called a “Campfire Special” which consists of your standard cheese pizza topped with Marshmellows, Graham Crackers, and Chocolate. Unusual? Yes, but at Turtle Brothers Pizza they think outside of the box with toppings. Order 2 “Campfire Specials” now, and recieve a free order of “Shred Sticks” and a drink of either Lame, Cool, Rad, or Gnarly size!
Keep up with our fanpage and stuff as I work, see you next update and thanks to all the loyal readers. You guys rock.