Aaronthewolf on April 20, 2014

About a year ago I I told everyone here I was working on another short for the comic. I posted an animatic in July when it was half done. Then I completely dissapeared. Like most things, it was life which got in the way, alot. I spent July through to about September infirm, or rather with a bad flare up of Lyme disease. So animation halted due to inability to do much…of anything really. Come SeptemberI began preperations to move away from my home town, so my time went to that, searching, dealing, packing setting up stuff, which succeeded at the very last second in december when my lease was going to be up. It was a hellish experience, and after all the unpacking and settling in in January of ought ‘14, It was just about time for my Bi-annual flare up and once again I lost a good month and a half.
But finally, with my renewed health came the renewed vigor to get back up and start again, and so I went back to it. And here we are, almost a year later…and I’m finally posting this. I should apologize if anyone truely missed my comic, and I know this sounds like a bunch of excuses but hell…I never had to come back if that was the case. I came back because i love doing this…and I HATED, HATED being too sick too do this, I hated being too sick to do anything except lie in bed and sleep. Drawing is my life, stories are in my blood and this is my favorite story of all of them. So wether you continue to read or don't, I'll still be posting these. If not for anyone else, than for me. But I make no promises on dates or anything…(Not another year, I'm going back to strips, but I'm not going to say like “Every Monday” anymore)  But those of you who will read, did read, and may read in the future i thank you. Now on to the meat of the short.
Just your average day in Contemp Sit Class, in which Prof. Fischer teaches a valuable lesson about comedic timing. The class is less than enthused.
See you next time.
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