CMA: Page 01

Crusader1089 on Nov. 27, 2007

This is the start of something I wont update frequently, nor with regularity. Pilate looks like Crusader1089, but he's not.
I am trying hard to be as good as I can with this series, but there will still be errors (Duke's hand for instance).
For background, although it'll all become apparent later,
Pyromancers: The lowest level of Guardian. They have the simplest missions and go around in groups of 3.
Telekinetists: Mid Level Guardians. Most Guardian's are this level. They act in pairs and are the most versatile of units.
Guardian's Templar: The strongest guardians. Complete masters of sword, gun, magic and technology. The most powerful can be an army on their own. Guardian Templar are used mostly as diplomats in chatoic situations, where events can turn sour very quickly.

The Academy is named the Cassandra Model Academy, after the founder Cassandra, who, until the Century of Blood, was the Headmisstriss of the academy and widely reguarded as the Fourth most powerful Guardian of all time. She was the second apprentise of Pilate, the current headmaster.

Read the longer description for more backstory of Pilate and his apprentises.