Fanart hour Presents:Burtha 2.0

RuseBolton on Oct. 12, 2008

Well, it seems i kept my word… im some way shape or form here is a mid week(actually earlier than mid week) post.

For this both you & i (I already have) to thank our friend SheaSummers CoCreator of DP Infinity, this is her rendition of Burtha … I think we all know who she is by now…

Now “VIEW HER STUFF!!!” im not into all that sub“VIEW IT!!!”liminal messaging stuff b“DO IT!!!”ut i would recomend for a good read & as you can “YOU LOOKED YET?!?!” see some great art work.

Kudo's to you, & if anyone else as time passes, would like to submit fan art of some discription please feel free. :)