Take Your Pick

cat9thecomic on Feb. 1, 2013

Sorry I've been gone a while, was busy with stuff in life. Anyhoo, a belated Happy New Year everyone! And we lived through the end of the world! Hurray for that I suppose.
Man, from now on I'm gonna draw it on paper first, scan, then “ink” it in Flash, like I used to do in the first few pages. It's so much faster and better than drawing it directly in Flash. See, on some days, I just totally suck in drawing with it so my quality and speed really suffers a lot. I'm still gonna draw some stuff directly in of course, like the last panel here. This way, I might actually be able to stick to a schedule, and doing more pages per week. Still no promises about that though!
Hey, if anyone's playing Wakfu right now, I'm playing as Sexy Behind. Yeahhhh, I regret the name now. Oh, and if you didn't know that Wakfu has an animated series, I suggest watching it. Now THAT'S how you draw in Flash.