Memory Backup

Myollnir Catra on July 21, 2007

After an eternity of no updates (because I was lazy, tired, busy and/or distracted), I finally updated with a memory backup from Bass. Because he was shutdown via the emergency cool-down, some of Bass' memory was corrupted, and his systems are scanning them now. As you can see in the first panel, two files need to be restored, and one of them is being viewed. This idea came from Disgruntled Ferret's MS Paint Maserpiece, so I kinda borrowed the distorted video effect seen in panel 2. Thanks, Ferret, for the inspiration. Also, this is just an excuse to show my rendition of the events in MM&B. :P And Now we know why Bass is so irritable; he can't play soccer…

As a bonus, I made a silly animation of what Bass is doing in the last three panels. xP

EDIT: If you will, please check the first page–I added a title page and I want comments on how it looks and/or what needs to be changed.