Where is Waldo?

Kennedia on May 8, 2010

Ok. These are random comics about random stuff. I do not update regularly by the way…only when I get a funny idea and feel like uploading it ^_^ I don't want to sound mean sorry ehem! But yeah im working on another comic and as soon as im done moving and get a cussing SCANNER i'll upload the pictures and post them :3 So be patient…13-year-olds only have so much control over life XD oh yeah! I got this comic idea when looking up “Wheres Waldo” pics on google and saw a picture that said “Dude…im right here!” and I was like “OMG! IDEA!” So yeah ^~^ ACHOO!!! Im going to paint my new house tomorrow with mommy and daddy i'll tell you guys about it laturr!!