1 - Narrative

Flashlight Antics on Dec. 12, 2007

Okay, so this comic will be a ‘comedy’ but will have much more serious mood then Rentorian's comic which this one is based on. It is, in no way, a continuation from his story. It is a spin-off that I came up with on my own. But most of the credit should go to Rentorian for making the inspiration comic =D

On that note…Rentorian WILL be aiding me in this comic. He is co-author and, to be honest, I wouldn't be completely comfortable unless he was. So now you know that I did get permission from Rentorian to use his characters in his universe.

I can also explain anything that you guys are curious about that this comic didn't cover. But before the questions come pouring in, I will be posting a backstory post in tomorrow's update.