And so the Adventure Begins!

Powder Rune on Aug. 20, 2007

Chapters of Mabinogi, which I will be calling CoM, is my first serious comic attempt.

CoM is based off of my actual experiences in a MMORPG I play. That means all of the characters are real people I've met in the game, and almost every single situation and event had taken place at some point in time. Even though I may have altered things a little >_> Just a little.

If you haven't guessed yet, the little pink-haired girl is me ^^; I'll be referring to myself in 3rd person a lot just so ya'll know~

Introducing Rune, Dsan (her black wolf), and Liakitty (random creation due to an inside joke) on CoM's cover page. Dsan and Liakitty are supposed to be in the middle of a jump, while Rune is supposed to be descending from a jump ;_; I know it doesn't look that way–but she is not running! No one runs like that!

Let's get this started!

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