Copacabana! by Spade Q.

Powder Rune on Oct. 23, 2007

My super wonderful friend Spade Q. went out of her way and drew this amazingly cute little guest comic for me~ Doesn't she make Rune look insanely adorable?! xD and the guy there is her in-game character, Alkaleido. Yeah she's played as a male just so you don't get confused.

A feature of Mabinogi allows you to compose your own music. Most people rearrange songs from the real world into the game; it's not always pretty. Also if your Musical Knowledge rank is low, you can actually miss notes. It's quite funny, but occasionally there are those that play annoying music just to piss others off.

I couldn't tell Spade how much I appreciated it. Please give her a round of applause~ Go to Evil Operating System if you want to see her original comment!