#962 We'll Need a Guinea Pig...

Amelius on Oct. 15, 2012

I was a little annoyed that I couldn't find more literature on the significance of tears in mythology and folk tales, and I know there's a lot of it! There's enough to mention on the healing properties of unicorns, phoenixs, Chuck Norris and Pokemon tears, and not to forget the tear-healing in the story of Rapunzel (healed blindness with tears!) Wikipedia was completely unhelpful. You know who was helpful? TV Tropes! But I have enough frustrations with Wikipedia as it is, I could be here all day.

Anyway, I did find something cute and amusing from a store called Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, bottles of salt “made from human tears” in a range of emotions. I wish there were more clever shops like that over here! ^_^

The ways of cartoonish magical potion-making have always amused me. I always loved the silly wall-decorations and fake potion bottles they sell around Halloween with punny names for the potions and spellcrafting books. Bat wings, spider legs, eye of newt, graveyard dust… the oddest things go in there! I rather enjoy all that witch-kitsch.

I'm sure some are wondering why you'd bother collecting your boredom tears when you got a wand, but there's something to be said about having back-up! A wand doesn't solve EVERY problem! :P