#968 Enter the Market

Amelius on Nov. 21, 2012

The sign behind the critter (I'll enter the world info on what they are later) says: “Please refrain from eating the smaller patrons.” But the place has really cleaned up since they changed the name from “Fairy Market” to “Demon Market”! (Goblin Market is somewhere else!)
Yeeaah, I'm having fun drawing more of the races that populate the forest!
I'm still catching up from the weeks before, thankfully things have settled down around here finally. Thanks for your patience while I tried to get this page finished! I nearly put news updates on my Tumblr (http://amy-of-darkness.tumblr.com/) but I don't have a good gauge of how effective that is or if anyone would see it. Sometimes I post a picture and a few people like it, other times I post and it's completely ignored!
But this is the first full page using my new pencil that I finally tracked down! It's a .03 mm lead and it's a thing of beauty I tell youse. The lead and lines are so fine, it has a tendency to snap with too much pressure but I love it anyway. It's so nice to not lose detail to an errant thick line where I wanted a thin one and the paper mocks me by not erasing properly and then the paper starts wearing off and then my fix looks all blobby from paper fibers WHYYYY!
So yeah, hopefully this will mark an improvement in my lineart, at least I'm hoping it does!
 The panels that got the best reactions on the last page were done with the new pencil too, so I'm glad I found it!
Also glad youse guys like the new banner, thank NightReflection for the suggestion! (and banner suggestions are always welcome, I got 2 more ready to cycle after this one).