Amelius on Nov. 21, 2012

This page took FOREVER to finish coloring. But once I got rolling with new ideas of things to put in the scene, it became fun again. It didn't help also that I had a little bout of depression to get out of, but I worked hard through most of it! I'm quite delighted youse are enjoying the crowd scenes, I wanted to use this opportunity to make something of the market that I failed to do in previous pages. It was much too open before, not enough creatures, not enough interaction. That was a failing even at the party that I didn't rectify until the very last mega-page because I was too concerned with presenting every cameo without covering them up too much, drawing them properly etc.
This time around I'm not doing an open call for cameos (so pleeeease have mercy and don't ask for one!) but I did intend to do a few as a small thank-you to a few people.
That said, I'm mostly sticking with my own creations (and of course some of Nick's, one of which is actually in this scene) because there's a lot to Kellwood Forest that we have yet to see.
Oh yeah, I completely forgot that I wanted to do quizzes in these notes! And I got one for ya. 
There are 2 puns on this page.
Your hints are: They are both a play on the same theme. They are familiar faces to longtime and/or good memory readers. If one occurs to you, the next will surely follow!  (Nick got both the other day, I can't believe I never even mentioned it before, haha!)