#973 For MAGIC!

Amelius on Nov. 21, 2012

Yiska is trying very hard not to waste delicious tea!
Argh I really hate when I miss an update, sorry the last page was up for forever! I'm trying to work on a whole bunch of things at once and it's a bit difficult, as soon as I get in a good work groove I have to stop and work on something that's fallen behind. I just can't get the momentum to finish anything!
I'm seriously considering going back to digital inking these pages, because even if I like the lines and coloring on these better I really hate that it takes almost an entire week just to get a page done, and the other thing I've been working on has been going decidedly faster.
The good side of that though is I think I've rather improved my digital inking since last I employed it. Hopefully it won't be too jarring when/if I do a switch over (there's lots of pencilled pages waiting I still have to get out first, though.)
Should I use my tumblr to let people know when pages are gonna be late or something? I've been a bit timid about using it lately, and I'm not a “status-update” sort of person so I feel like I'm wasting everyone's time when I don't have some art to post up, and I haven't had much time for “for fun” art lately. Yeah, I'll probably do that, or at least try to!