#974 W.Y.S.I.N.W.Y.G.

Amelius on Feb. 22, 2013

Sometimes Vic must yearn for the days that he was in control of his personal monster situation! Of course, Charby had to ruin that for him didn't he? Now he has to think twice when some monster comes up to him. Thankfully he's pretty decent at teading intent. Something drooling and snapping at him probably isn't interested in being bros. (Then again Yiska is practically drooling at him, he just knows the difference!)
(By the way, where is that title character anyway? Asleep still! But we'll see him soon enough, there's a page with him on it coming up. Not very soon but I've drawn it, it'll be here eventually!)
Nyaaah I hate how long it takes for art to get done! This once-a-week drives me nuts. Wanna update more! Moooore! Make it happen Amy! :C
And Vic's shirt for “Zeroeth Edition Spectrum Horrors”: It was our band in Rock Band when Nick, myself and our pal Matt were playing it. Our in-joke character Ravenette was the drummer, and there was Thon and Druidia filling out the rest of the band. I have no idea how they came up with the name for the band, I'd ask but it's 3:56 am and Nick's asleep!
So yeah, now it's a band in CTV but in this comic they're not a cover band. :D (they're a similar band to Death Conundrum, a metal band though ZEPH is more mainstream industrial)