A Bounty Of Information

Amelius on Nov. 30, 2016

Daray may seem like a total airhead for forgetting about the bounty poster his dad made, but there's a little more to consider regarding what he knows of his father. One, that's more of an edict for the Onekamari Village–that's why there's no bounty actually listed on it, as the villagers themselves remarked. Second, his father is a horrendous xenophobe who doesn't go to the Demon Market for anything because he hates dealing with creatures who aren't Onekamari, you can see his clear disdain for Gramston being in his presence. He's really not the only one like that too, as evidenced by ranting rug salesman's singling Daray out as someone who would agree with him. And he didn't see any posters when he was scouring the market looking for Kavonn so he assumed that his father didn't bother to visit… he's only half right. He got as far as the entrance and left one on the stand he felt was most appropriate and probably high-tailed it out before someone could bark a sales pitch at him, a scrap of it still remains at the bottom left and you can see from the tear it's the same one Gramston's holding up. His “mice”, the Skzzldrix spies, had their eyes on the prize from the moment Daray entered the market!
Kavonn for his part would rather skip the gory brain-probe anyway, and has no reason to suspect their intentions to be anything more than wanting the Kasani Bog map that indeed was getting waved around by Daray. These two may be on their way to the dungeon at Castle Samrick, but that doesn't mean the dwarf wants to give away the plot just yet…