eSilva on July 4, 2008

Ok Peeps!

Here is what I blame for not having had updates these past two weeks! Tell me what you think cuz it's the first time I've done a cover page like this…(took a long time because I'm so new at it)…and I'm really proud of it!

As for the next update. It wont be up until next Monday and speaking about Mondays. Chemistry will continue to update once a week but I will now start updating on Mondays because of work. So don't hate me for it all you who are still in school right now or have something else to do on that day!! lol.

Anyway!!! The reason I did this was because I'm currently revising the comic (fonts, backgrounds, screentones, etc.) and I started with this page. Many of the pages wont change too much because there are only small things I need to tweek but overall it will still look just about the same as it is now.

So again! I'd love some feedback on this! THANX