Chiami Herone

Chiami Herone on May 8, 2007

Chiami Herone was created by the gods as a reploid to go in search of all substaces of power. When she has collected them all she will turn to human combinding the powers and turning them into a crystal that is created inside of her. Along the way, they give her information so she could find the leader to create this new world. After she has become human she gives the crystal to who she believes should be the right owner. The gods have told her the right owner is the only person she is able to fall in love with. So giving the crystal away is like giving her life to him as in holy matrimony(marriage). After he has created the new world wheather it be good creating a new healthy environment to grow and blossom or evil creating a new version of hell, he is able to choose to keep her in his arms or toss her aside and let the gods have the rest of her. Like I said they only gave her one purpose of life will the new leader give her another?