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Cheeko on May 12, 2011


This was drawn… like… 6 months ago, so forgive the art for being a bit messy. I was still trying to figure out the aesthetic I was going to use for the comic.

Also, as me and Meg have other projects to work on, and this is sort of a side project, we'll only be updating every other Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience… but I'm really not. You're getting this for free, people.


Setting up exposition without making it seem forced or awkward is really, really hard, but I think this worked. I don't know. Y'all will have to tell me if it does or not. I'm just the writer.

Oh yeah, and I really love hearing all of the speculation surrounding the comic. It's such a thrill. And thanks to the gang over at Comic Dish for the shout out on their podcast! It was truly epic, friends!