Milky on Jan. 26, 2008


Why am I starting another comic? Well, cuz I want to. ;P I think it will motivate me to start doing more art, as well as give me a chance to experiment when I want to. Also, because of school and stuff, I haven't been updating Chipmunks. I'd like to be able to provide all two of my fans some art a bit more often than I have been. u____u

So, this comic may be updated if I suddenly feel like it, because I love it to death, but at the same time, I don't feel very good about it. I don't want to restart it- I hate doing it, and I hate when other people do it. Like SarahN- SHE RESTARTS VAMPIRE PHANTASM EVERY SIX #$%@ING MONTHS!!! AAAAAH!!! Seriously, I think she needs to calm down and just work with what she has, it's so wildly popular!

Anyway, I hope you guys won't kill me- I mean, after all, it's better than what I HAVE been doing- namely, nothing! I haven't updated Chipmunks in so long- and it's a common pattern with me. Well, this should be easier to do. Hope you enjoy!