Reggie, First-basin', and susspision...OH MY (god)

vie4 on Feb. 10, 2008

Hey, peeps! I'm back (again) and here is where I stay. This time, I promise you a comic page or two every week. Hopefully, this will be the order for my comic book series. Here they are!
-T.V. Travel (7 pages complete)
-Michael's Secret Date (Working on plot)
-Summer's Mysteries (2 parter book; Working on plot)
-Return of the Cyborgs (maybe)
So, I've got four, maybe three, comics planned for 2008 and probably part of 2009.
Also, here's what the original looked like in case you want to check it out…maybe.
Anyway, enjoy your bloody comic strip. I'm off for a nice cup of tea.