Kingdom of Sicily

UGP on Aug. 10, 2011

Battle for Mt. Etna
I once asked someone, could anything be easy? Could I ever just simply have something for free. Just once? In response I got a free loaf of bread from the baker. He told me “Here, but that’s the end of the free ride”. Awfully befitting since that was August 7th, the day before the world died. Since then my life- no everyone’s life has been nothing but hardship. Boy do I wish I had saved that free ticket for right now.
Of course this story takes place a year before, then the second strain hit, soon people were devolving into bloodthirsty cannibals. Not like a zombie though. They seemed to prize us as toys to be played with as opposed to food. They seem to just see our corpses and think, Hey Free Meat!
They carry any weapon they can use to bash your head in. Curiously they they don’t fight each other. Working together to defeat a common enemy huh? It’s easy to tell them apart from those eyes. Those horrible, horrible yellow eyes surrounded by pools of black sludge.
So here I am, a lieutenant major in the South Italian Army, entrenched on Mt. Etna. Waiting patiently for the next wave of the bastards to try and swarm the position. It’s been two weeks since we lost contact with Rome. We are told they are fine but we know better, we’re on our own up here. We only have 20% of Sicily’s uninfected population. Kids as young as 11 have been given a dagger to defend themselves with.
As I sat there in the muddy trench, rain pouring on my head, binoculars in hand, I for once… truly believed. That it could not possibly get any worse. How wrong I was. Soon I felt the earth beneath me begin to shake, then rumble. I wasn’t sure what could have caused it so I started demanding an answer from my me, but most of them were asking the same thing. One guy though. He wasn’t asking, he was staring, wide eyed behind us at the mountain. I followed his sight to see the mountains billow of smoke escalate to an angry fury of flame.
Oh sweet jesus no. The first flaming rock flew into the sky and panic started to spread throughout the mountainside. I knew that our high altitude fortress was about to turn into a chaotic mess. Soon civilians would trample their last hope for safety, and into the slaughtering force of the infected.
What could I do? I picked up my officer’s sword, drew it from it’s holster, and charged downhill, with the artillery of fiery at my back. Soon my battlecry was joined by a few other desperate souls who wanted to go out swinging. The entire world soon became a swill of roars, panicked screams, and mother natures rage.
It was the turning point in the war against the infected.
From the Memoirs of King Ezio I. From the Royal Archives
Sorry for being difficult to read. Thats the full text.

This is about the formation of the Kingdom of Sicily. An important country involved in the comic.

The counter attack on Etna turned the tide on Sicily , despite little help from the Italian Government. After Sicily had been cleaned of any infected. The new Sicilian Monarchy built a few troop ships and forced the Government in exile on Sardinia to surrender.

Thus establishing Ezio Benevento as Ezio I King of Sicily