#21 WITNESS THE FAILURE! [Now with Voice Acting!]

extremejon on June 29, 2006

Inside Jokes: COLA asked to not be in this comic anymore. There's a guy that wanted to be in my comic named “Occasional JD”.

Dude. Check out this audio file I did for this comic, complete with voice acting, Sound effects…other stuff..

SERIOUSLY! Check it out! I put more effort into it than the comic itself!


-For those of you who say that putfile doesn't work, Suck it. But seriously, Try useing IE. Cause Putfile didn't work for me AT ALL when I tried uploading with Firefox. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll mirror it to ripway Later.

-If it only plays a bit then stops, then Freakin' wait. It's loading. Just mute your computer, minimize the window, and go do something else for awhile.