Jonko on May 7, 2009

I said I would try to do two pages this week but that never happened. Especially because I spent more than an hour working on Lui's hair in panel 1 alone. So yes we're going to find out a little more about Lui's life at the end of this chapter.

Amy may seem a little bit nosy for telling all this to Racil, but I consider this to be her kindness. Racil knows nothing about the world because he was stuck in a facility (a.k.a. boarding school) his whole life and really never learned about basic things in his society. Lui's past is something that basically everyone else knows already, including Hal and Mr. Smith (yup, that's what his name is at age 15!).

Ok enough explaining my comic. Please critique, I wanna know how I can improve! Thanks for checking out my comic!