004 - Global Warming?

lyron on July 28, 2007

Al Gore, you cur. You win again. Haha. Get it? WIN? Because he lost the presidential election in 2000. Hahaha.

No but seriously. Whether or not you like Al Gore (I guess he is a bit of a hypocritical douchebag. Not to mention he's a LIBERAL OH NO GOD FORBID), global warming is still a serious problem. Just because you don't like the guy preaching it, doesn't mean you should be plugging your ears to the situation altogether. When you've got people comparing Al Gore to a Nazi, that just pisses me off though. It's ignorant and it's a shame. Some people just want to deny the whole thing is happening at all and do nothing about it. Whether you believe it's a natural cycle or not, the amount of crap we put in our environment certainly doesn't help. The last couple of months have been like Florida up here. No exaggeration. I live in western Canada. It's not supposed to be like that.

It's simple things too. Don't leave your computer on all night. Turn off your T.V. when you're not watching it. If it's sunny out, let the sun light up your room, and turn off the light.

Seriously guys, if not for the environment, think of all the money you'd save on your electric bill. $$$$