Chapter 03 Page 35

CZweig on June 19, 2013

That revelation, that they're related, was gonna come a lot later but I bumped it up :V
I don't really wanna draw attention to it, but I'm gonna anyway! I do apologize for missing so many updates lately. It's not that I'm running out of steam, honest! Everything just kinda happened all at once, haha. I had paid work all through April and the beginning of May, I got sick at the beginning of the month, and last week was some more real-life stuff (nothing serious! In fact it all went relatively smoothly). From here on out, I'm going to keep pushing haha. There shouldn't be any more obstacles keeping me from updating other than general work stuff, so I promise to move forward! :)

@Szyszka666 thank you! I'm glad you think so!